EV Owners Frustrated By Lack of Functioning Charging Stations

EV Owners Frustrated By Lack of Functioning Charging Stations

Buyer Beware: New Malfunctions Arise With Electric Vehicles!

(USNewsMag.com) – As gas prices soared, some Americans turned to electric vehicles. They soon learned that, unlike traditional vehicles, they couldn’t just drive to the nearest fuel station to charge their batteries. A new report found that it’s creating a frustrating reality for many new EV owners.

On August 17, J.D. Power released its latest Electric Vehicle Experience Public Charging Study. According to the findings, owners aren’t happy about the current charging infrastructure. Many complain about going to public stations only to find inoperable electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). Also, there aren’t enough locations in high-density areas or on highly-traveled routes.

The survey found that one out of every five people wasn’t able to charge their vehicles the last time they tried. Seventy-two percent of those who couldn’t recharge indicated “it was due to the station malfunctioning or being out of service.”

In California, which has the largest concentration of charging stations, a larger number of people aren’t happy with the condition of the electric vehicle supply equipment. In the East North Central region of the country — Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin — people were the happiest with the state of the public chargers.

Until charging stations are as easy to find as gas stations and maintained as well, owners will likely continue to have problems.

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