EU Recommends Blocking Nonessential Travel From USA

EU Plans to Recommend Blocking Nonessential Travel From USA

( – The European Union and the United States both implemented travel restrictions prohibiting travel during the pandemic. In June, the EU placed the US on a safe country list, allowing the Americans to visit. However, that’s now changed.

On August 30, the European Council, the EU’s governing body, removed the US from that safe list. They cited the rising COVID-19 cases in the country as the reason for the decision. The Council also recommended its 27 countries implement travel restrictions and testing protocols for Americans.

The US has kept most European countries on its restricted list. President Joe Biden has been facing increasing pressure to change those rules. However, as the Delta variant sweeps through the country, health officials are once again trying to limit its spread.

The decision by the EU Council isn’t binding. Each country’s government has the right to impose its own restrictions. Americans who wish to travel to one of the nations must check the regulations for that particular nation.

When and if the regulations do change, the rules will probably impact unvaccinated people the most. That decision could create an issue where Americans are forced to get the shots if they want to enter one of those countries.

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