Ernst Condemns Biden’s Border Policy – Military Families Displaced

( – Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst is demanding President Joe Biden take action regarding the border after military families received cancellation notices from hotels in Massachusetts that are being used to house migrants. The families had booked rooms at hotels in Foxboro, Massachusetts, the site of the 124th installment of the Army-Navy Game scheduled for Dec. 9 at Gillette Stadium. The cancellations resulted from Giri Hotel Management’s partnership with Massachusetts to provide housing to migrants.

In a letter, Ernst wrote that the cancellations were the result of Biden’s decision “to ship illegal immigrants” to sanctuary cities across the United States. She said the “veterans and future service members and their families” would not be able to attend the game this year because of Biden’s “untenable border crisis.” Ernst called it “unacceptable” for “veterans and military families to be displaced” due to the failure of the administration to secure the border. She added that military families and veterans “who have scrimped and saved to afford” to attend the game should not be competing for hotel rooms with illegal immigrants. Ernst wrote that the “problems will continue to persist” until Biden takes action to secure the southern border.

According to Hillsdale Travel owner Mark Mansbach, 60 hotel rooms have been canceled at various hotels. For 20 years, Hillsdale Travel has assisted members of the military and their families with hotel accommodations and more, especially for the Army-Navy Game. In 20 years, Mansbach stated that he had never seen anything happen like this. He has helped 40–50 families who lost their hotel rooms find alternate lodging, though some of the lodging is in Boston, which is more expensive.

Massachusetts has a “right to shelter” law, ensuring that homeless families and migrants have a place to live. Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey stated in September that the state would be expanding its legal services for illegal migrants staying in emergency shelters. In November, she stated that Veterans Services Secretary Jon Santiago would contact displaced veterans and military families who had their hotel reservations canceled.

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