Epstein Victims Demand JUSTICE – Powerful Banks Targeted In Latest Suit

Epstein Accusers Launch Suit Against JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank

Epstein Accusers Launch Suit Against JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank

(USNewsMag.com) – Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has been dead for more than three years, but his alleged crimes are still reverberating across the world. A group of women claiming they were his victims is looking to punish those who they believe helped him in some way. Most recently, they’ve gone after two of the world’s biggest banks, JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank.

Lawyers representing the women filed suit against the two banks in the District Court for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) on November 24. The lawsuits allege the banks ignored red flags about Epstein and helped facilitate the alleged sex-trafficking ring he oversaw.

The woman suing JPMorgan claims large amounts of money were withdrawn from the bank in order to pay her and other women who were recruited to be a part of Epstein’s alleged trafficking ring. The suit against Deutsche Bank makes a similar allegation. The infamous billionaire reportedly used cash taken from the financial institution to pay the victims. Epstein also reportedly had a close relationship with one of the bank’s executives. The bank declined to comment.

A woman involved in the lawsuit against Deutsche Bank is alleging Epstein trafficked her from 2003 to 2018. The lawsuit cites findings from a New York state probe that linked the bank and the billionaire. A spokesperson for the institution told The Wall Street Journal the suit “lacks merit.”

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