Electric Vehicles May Cause More Pollution Than Gas Thanks to This Shocking Fact

Electric Vehicles May Cause More Pollution Than Gas Thanks to This Shocking Fact

Democrats Don’t Want To Hear The Ugly Truth About Electric Vehicles

(USNewsMag.com) – Democrats have long pushed electric vehicles as a way to reduce pollution. President Joe Biden has even directed the government to purchase 100% zero-emission vehicles for its fleet by 2035. However, a new study indicates electric vehicles might actually lead to more pollution.

A 2020 study published by a UK-based emissions testing firm, Emissions Analytics, found particulate emissions from tires are 1,000 times greater than the pollution from the tailpipes of gas-powered cars. The study was met with a lot of skepticism at the time, but the organization continued to research. What they found was the particulate emissions from tires were actually 1,850 times worse than those from tailpipes.

In a press release, Emissions Analytics revealed it worked with the UK’s National Physical Laboratory to “quantify the uncertainties in [its] measurements of chemical composition.” The researchers explained tailpipe emissions are lower on newer cars whereas the particulate emissions on tires increase depending on the size of the vehicle and how aggressively someone drives.

Every time a tire hits the roadway, it wears away. Eventually, the tires become so worn they need to be replaced. The tread particles from those worn tires enter the atmosphere, causing pollution. All vehicles, electric and gas-powered, have tires — meaning the pollution is constant and plentiful.

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