Driver Offers New Tank Taxi Service

Driver Offers New Tank Taxi Service

( – Every year, millions of people hire car services to take them to work, meetings, and other special events. For people in one English town, they’re able to rent something really interesting to get them around.

Merlin Batchelor owns a very special taxi service in Norwich, England. Instead of driving around a regular car, he bought an old armored personnel carrier that looks just like a tank. He purchased the vehicle for $35,000 online and repaired it. After he fixed it up, people started asking for rides.

Batchelor told CBS News first, his neighbors, then his friends, “then friends of friends, and then people [he] didn’t even know” were asking for a ride in the tank-like vehicle. Now, customers can pay about $1,000 to have Batchelor take them to weddings or funerals, the only two types of events for which he’s licensed to chauffeur.

Batchelor’s taxi service isn’t the only one that offers people an odd vehicle to rent for events. Visitors to the Arabian Peninsula can catch a ride in a Ferrari Enzo supercar. The vehicle reaches 220.5 mph. And in Singapore, karaoke taxis are available to those who want to sing at the top of their lungs.

Which taxi would you like to rent?

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