DOJ Unravels – Top Republican Pulls The String

( – In his first public comments following his arrest on May 10, New York Representative George Santos, a Republican, lashed out at the Justice Department and the Biden family. After being charged with fraud in New York federal court, he proclaimed his innocence.

After months of investigation into allegations that Santos had lied about his previous work, on May 10, he was arrested and charged with 13 crimes relating to unemployment fraud.

Furthermore, the new lawmaker assured the press that he had no intention of resigning from his position as representative for the third congressional district of New York. Last autumn, Santos swung the seat from the Democrats to the Republicans, making it possible for the GOP to win all four House seats on Long Island.

Santos talked to reporters outside the New York federal courtroom and told them that his not-guilty plea was the first step in addressing the accusations and defending himself. He knows exactly why the government intends to go after him, and he has an indictment against him to prove it. He also knows the government is following him because of this knowledge. He plans to cooperate, as he has from the beginning. At this moment, he had no intention of resisting. So far, they’ve been quite kind in there. He needed a chance to defend himself, and that moment had come.

The truth, Santos added, is that this indictment is a witch hunt. It’s absurd that he was indicted just four or five months after he began serving as a New York representative. Nine members of the Biden family have been the recipients of wire transfers from overseas. It took journalists several years to write most of the details they have revealed here, yet no one has been investigated or charged for receiving payments from foreign entities.

The Republican, who is under fire but remains philosophical, said he was looking forward to vindication.

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