DOJ Memo Had CHILLING Detail – Investigators Blow The Whistle!

( – Details in a new report about pushback from local law enforcement to a 2021 memo Attorney General Merrick Garland issued about threats to school boards in the U.S. supports House Judiciary Committee Republicans conclusion of the directive having “no legitimate basis.”

When the memo was sent, there was no indication of a rise in threats to members of school boards, according to the report.

In the report, House Republicans claim political reasons were why the memo was issued in 2021. Claims of collusion between the Biden administration, Justice Department, Department of Education and National School Boards Association are made in the report.

The report also claims how to message the directive to the public led to confusion. 

According to the report, 25 guardian assessments, which is a tip received by the FBI, were opened by the FBI. The FBI Counterterrorism Division ran 6 of the 25 guardian assessments. None of the assessments resulted in charges. 

In September 2021, the National School Boards Association sent a letter to President Joe Biden seeking assistance to target parents from federal law enforcement. In October 2021, Merrick Garland, Attorney General, issued a memo directing the FBI to work in partnership with U.S. attorneys and local law enforcement regarding parental threats to faculty during school board meetings. The memo directed for parents to be prosecuted if appropriate. 

The committee has asked the 2021 memo to be rescinded by Garland, who has refused.

The report provides an update on the investigation being done on the memo by the House Judiciary Committee. In the investigation, documents were subpoenaed from National School Boards Association members, Miguel Cardona, Education Secretary, Christopher Wray, FBI director, the Justice Department, and Garland.

The Biden administration has continued to produce documents, and as a result the committee said it will continue to conduct the oversight and continue its work.

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