Disturbing Navy SEAL Video Leak Sparks Investigation

Navy Seal Video Leak Sparks Investigation

Navy SEAL Video Leak Sparks Investigation

(USNewsMag.com) – It’s no secret Navy SEALs undergo some of the toughest training in the military. One of the most rigorous weeks of training is literally called “Hell Week.” Although they might be forced to endure freezing water, sandy beaches, and extensive physical workouts with little sleep, there are limits to what commanding officers can impose on trainees. A recent video of the way one group was treated has led to an investigation.

A viral video, leaked to CBS by a whistleblower, shows a group of SEAL hopefuls singing “Happy Birthday” on California’s San Clemente Island. It wasn’t as wholesome as it sounds. While the group was singing, others are blanketing them with a thick, noxious fog of tear gas. They were forced to sing so that they could not hold their breath while being sprayed with the chemical.

One of the recruits in the video appears to pass out from the gas. The admiral who oversees the Navy SEALs has now ordered an investigation into the incident. In a statement to CBS, he said there are questions about “the lawfulness of the behavior.”

Tear gas is used in training SEALs. However, it’s usually used after they have learned how to put a gas mask on their face and then, they’re only to be exposed to it for a few brief seconds. The purpose of this exercise is so they can see what happens if they do not properly wear the equipment. The investigation is underway that will shed light on whether or not the trainers used intended protocol or subjected the trainees to abuse instead.

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