Devastating Virginia Floods Cause Damage, Spare Lives

Devastating Virginia Floods Cause Damage, Spare Lives

Catastrophic Storm Causes Devastating Floods

( – It’s summertime, which means more rainstorms and flooding in some parts of the country. Buchanan County, Virginia, residents were the most recent victims of mother nature’s wrath. The Republican governor has now taken action.

On Tuesday night, powerful storms hit the county, located in Appalachia on the borders of West Virginia and Kentucky. The mountain ridges reportedly acted as a funnel of sorts for the rain. The Dismal River swelled and flooded the area around it. More than 100 houses suffered damage; some were even lifted off their foundations. Flash floods and landslides caused significant problems. State Road 715 will remain closed for the immediate future as a result of damage to a bridge.

In the storm’s immediate aftermath, dozens of people were missing, but all were later found.

Sheriff McClanahan told The New York Times that rescue efforts were delayed because roads were impassable. The Department of Transportation removed debris, and crews from Bedford County, Roanoke County, and Blacksburg helped with clean-up efforts.

On July 13, Governor Glenn Youngkin declared a State of Emergency to help get resources to the area more quickly.

Those who want to help the area recover from the floods are asked to donate to the United Way of Southwest Virginia.

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