DeSantis Targets Student Visas, Will Deport Nationals Celebrating Hamas If Elected

( – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the second runner-up for the Republican nomination, said last week that he would rescind the visas of any international students studying in the US and deport them back to their countries of origin if they openly expressed any support for Hamas after their coordinated assault on Israel on October 7.

While speaking at another campaign rally in Iowa last Friday, DeSantis said that if he wins the White House in 2024, he plans on removing any foreign nationals who are students in US colleges and universities if they express support for the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

After Israel launched a retaliation siege on the Gaza Strip after the October 7 attack, students across the country organized demonstrations in support of Palestine. DeSantis said that it must be remembered that some of these students “demonstrating in our country in favor of Hamas” are “foreigners.” The Florida governor vowed to cancel student visas for any foreign nationals supporting such protests and said he would send them home.

DeSantis described these left-wing students as a “total disgrace” a couple of weeks ago following various demonstrations on university campuses immediately after the Hamas attack and Israeli response, which have killed thousands so far. He also said the US should refuse to take in any Palestinian refugees from the conflict.

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, agreeing with his governor, took it further and called on President Joe Biden to rescind the visas of any foreigners defending or supporting the actions of Hamas, not just students.

Similar promises were made by Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina last Friday, who was at the same event and is also running for the GOP nomination in 2024. He promised to refuse Pell Grants to any university that allowed antisemitism on campus and failed to put a stop to it.

DeSantis is currently in second place for the Republican presidential nomination, although he remains way behind former President Donald Trump in the polls.

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