Democrats Choose LOCATION For Their Next Convention!

( – The Democrat National Committee (DNC) announced on April 11 that Chicago, Illinois, will host the Democrat National Convention in 2024.

The statement by the DNC came a week since Chicago voters chose the commissioner of Cook County, Brandon Johnson, a Democrat, to replace outgoing mayor Lori Lightfoot in a runoff election over former CEO of the Public Schools of Chicago, Paul Vallas.

Chicago, Johnson said, is a global metropolis that represents the Democrat Party’s ideals and typifies the United States. He is excited to collaborate alongside the DNC to host a memorable convention that highlights Chicago’s stunning lakefront, illustrious hotel industry, rich cultural heritage, and greatest strength: its terrific people.

Vallas said that Johnson had labeled defunding the police a realistic political objective for 2020. Johnson, when running for office, promised not to reduce the police force and later denied it was one of his goals. The most astonishing outcome was a shift in perspective toward a more comprehensive view of public safety.

President Biden has expressed his approval of Chicago as a convention site. CPD data shows that between the years 2019 and 2022, there was a more than 30 percent increase in reports of murder and a 130 percent increase in reports of car theft.

Jaime Harrison, DNC Chair, expressed his excitement about the upcoming Democrat National Convention in Chicago. The Midwest is representative of the country, and the Democrats will have a great chance to highlight the benefits their policies have brought to all of the Americans and their families there. Creating middle-class jobs that pay well, sparking an industrial expansion, and repairing their bridges and roads are all part of Biden’s economic strategy.

The United Center in Chicago will play host to the convention between August 19 and 22, 2024.

Lightfoot is pleased that they were able to secure the DNC for the citizens of Chicago because she believes it will bring about once-in-a-generation chances for economic expansion and employment development. On May 15, she will officially vacate her post as mayor of Chicago.

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