Democratic State Representative Allegedly Caught on Tape Revealing Corruption Scheme

Democrat State Representative Allegedly Caught on Tape Revealing Corrupted Scheme

Exposed: Top Democrat Reveals SINISTER Plot To Infiltrate Republicans’ Ranks

( – A South Carolina Democrat is facing backlash after she allegedly made comments to a prison inmate over the phone. Project Veritas, a group of investigative journalists, made the recorded call public. The remarks she reportedly made were very disturbing.

On Sunday, June 26, a phone call between South Carolina state Rep. Krystle Matthews (D) and a prison inmate, David Solomon Ballard, was recorded. During the conversation, she allegedly expressed a desire for Democrats to become “secret sleepers” and enter GOP primary races in order to trick voters and corrupt the elections. She claimed the “only way” to change the politics in the southern state is to “wreak havoc for real from the inside out” and then she thought they could “flip some [expletive] from the inside out.”

Matthews also complained about troubles she was facing in her primary race against Catherine Fleming Bruce to become the nominee for the Democratic Party to take on Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) for his seat. She asked the inmate for his help and suggested possibly finding drug dealers to donate to her campaign. She demanded to know where the money was from “black people,” saying, “Give me that dope boy money.”

In an interview with Live 5 News’ Raphael James, she claimed she had no idea who Ballard was and didn’t know he was an inmate until after it was over. She went on to claim the tapes were a political smear ahead of the midterms.

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