Democrat Henry Cuellar Goes Off On Biden

( – Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX) went off on President Joe Biden on Thursday for failing to visit the southern border. The border representative, who has proven himself to be more conservative than his Democratic counterparts on several issues, is growing frustrated with the current president for ignoring the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Cuellar says that his state will be “overwhelmed” once Title 42 is lifted, which is one of the few things he agrees with Republicans on. He believes Biden should visit the border to show support to border communities and members of law enforcement that swore to protect this country from foreign and domestic threats.

“Just showing up at the border would send a strong signal to the communities that he’s there, he cares about the border communities. Just show up! It doesn’t take much to just show up at the border,” Cuellar told CNN’s, Kaitlan Collins.

As the number of illegal crossings continues to surge at the US-Mexico border, the issue continues to devolve into a partisan problem that requires bipartisan support. =Biden not only continues to ignore the southern border and has failed to visit it in person, but he also has decried that there “are more important things” going on – as if illegal border crossings and a disregard for federal law weren’t important enough.

Last year, the federal government broke records under the Biden administration with more than 2.3 million people crossing the border illegally. Such a significant figure makes it appears as if the administration is encouraging open border policies.

National security should be a top priority for any legislator elected into office. It’s not a Democrat vs Republican issue, it’s an American issue. And if the country’s top leader fails to recognize that, then we have yet another crisis on our hands – but this time, it should be considered a Constitutional crisis and a true dereliction of duty.

Vianca Rodriguez, Independent Political Analyst

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