Democrat Governor SECRETLY Taking Bribes?

( – Lawmakers in Arizona started to wonder about the likelihood of extensive election fraud after a forensic investigator appeared before the Arizona Senate. Human and drug trafficking, as well as election fraud, have all been linked by Jacqueline Breger, the forensic investigator for the Harris/Thaler Law Office, to unelected government officials, US politicians, and the Sinaloa Cartels.

The Sinaloa cartel is accused of bribing state and electoral officials in Arizona, including Governor Katie Hobbs, Runbeck Election Services and Adrian Fontes (Secretary of State), among others, according to a law office in California.

Breger’s assertions are supported by John Thaler’s examination of 120,000 papers that reveal numerous racketeering activities, including theft, money laundering, bankruptcy and insurance fraud, bribery of officials (elected or appointed), tax evasion, and election fraud. A quarter of the judges in the Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima Counties Superior Courts have taken a bribe to look the other way in order to ignore racketeering charges.

Breger claims that a mother and daughter duo, Dawna Rae Chavez and Brittany Rae Chavez, both of Mesa, Arizona, were the “principal preparers of the documents” needed to conduct the racketeering operation.

John Thaler, Brittany’s ex-husband and the attorney who reviewed the records, made identical accusations against her in June 2022. He said she was involved in election fraud, laundering money, tax evasion, bribing private persons and public authorities, and breaking into government databases.

In Maricopa County, Breger suspects that the enterprise is using money from bogus mortgages, insurance claims and purchases of real estate to bribe public officials. The money from these criminal activities was hidden to prevent exposure. As part of the scheme, made-up identities and fake IDs were used to get access in order to place fraudulent voters on the database.

There has been no word from Katie Hobbs on these claims. She has kept silent in the face of the devastating claims leveled against her online.

If the allegations made by Jacqueline Breger and John Thaler are proved to be true, the results of elections throughout the state might be called into question.

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