Dem To Introduce Privileged Resolution To Expel Santos

( – A Democratic congressman from California is introducing a resolution calling for the expulsion of Republican Rep. George Santos of New York.

The resolution will be introduced by Democratic Rep. Robert Garcia. A spokesperson for Garcia confirmed to reporters that Garcia will notice a privileged resolution on the House floor to expel Santos from his seat. Leading the resolution alongside Garcia was Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman of New York.

A privileged resolution means that the House will only have two legislative days to take up and vote on the motion, forcing the House Republican majority to vote to expel Santos from his seat.

Santos says he will stand for the vote. He also said that expelling him would “set a precedent,” revealing who in Congress believes they are “judges, juries, and executioners,” adding that “the American people deserve to know.” Although the New York congressman has refused to step down after multiple suggestions to do so, he did confirm earlier in November that he wouldn’t seek re-election following a report by the House Ethics Committee accusing him of engaging “in fraudulent conduct” and of using his campaign funds “for personal purposes.”

The 56-page House report was compiled by a bipartisan subcommittee. The report unanimously concluded that the New York representative made “his campaign committee… file incomplete” financial reports to the Federal Election Commission, using money “for personal purposes” and engaging “in fraudulent conduct in connection” with a company founded by Santos. He was also accused of violating the Ethics in Government Act.

Some of the personal expenses Santos is accused of using campaign funds on include travel, parking, food, paying down credit cards, luxury store shopping sprees, and purchasing adult content on OnlyFans.

If Santos gets the boot, it will be the first time since 2002 that a lawmaker has been expelled from the House. The last congressman to be expelled was former Democratic Rep. Jim Traficant of Ohio, who was convicted of bribery, racketeering, and other felony counts. Traficant died in 2014.

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