Cruz Puts Them In A CHOKEHOLD – It’s OVER!

( – Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) criticized the FBI for being silent on whether they have proof of an alleged bribery plot worth millions of dollars that involves President Biden.

A FD-1023 form, documenting an interview by the FBI with a reliable confidential informant about the purported meetings with a senior Ukrainian energy company official, is apparently in the FBI’s custody. They also have 17 audio recordings of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and the energy company source.

Hunter Biden, son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, was a board member at Burisma Holdings, a natural gas company in Ukraine, in 2020. This was when the FBI was purportedly alerted that the company had paid Joe Biden $5 million.

Senator Ted Cruz questioned Paul Abbate, the Deputy Director of the FBI, regarding the bribery claims about the Bidens on June 13 at a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. He inquired as to whether they would provide the paperwork and audio recordings that the Senate had previously requested of them. Abbate replied that he would not respond to that question.

Abbate also informed Cruz that he would not be commenting on any information they have received or investigations they are doing.

Cruz then accused the FBI of covering up major corruption by the president, and he condemned the director for consistently refusing to answer his questions.

When asked again whether the FBI would be ready to give the FD-1023 and 17 voice recordings to the Senate committee, Abbate reiterated that he would not be responding.

This, according to Cruz, is how the President is harming the FBI as an institution. The citizens of the United States are entitled to learn if there is substantial proof that President Biden accepted a bribe of $5 million, Cruz said.

Cruz claimed that the Democrats were unwilling to conduct an investigation into the charges. He said the Democrats should be interested in finding out who can debunk the charges if they are incorrect.

Cruz said that if they were untrue, Joe Biden could prove it.

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