Cruz Claims Impeaching Mayorkas Will Unify House Republicans

( – Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas said that Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas should not only be impeached but that doing so could help unify Republican House members.

Cruz spoke on SiriusXM for an interview on the “Julie Mason Show” on Wednesday and said that “to impeach Mayorkas” would “unify Republicans in the House.” He said it would “also highlight the incredible human suffering” caused by the open border policies of President Joe Biden and his administration. Cruz said this “should have” already been done by now.

The Republican senator said that despite the disarray facing the House GOP after Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted on Tuesday by a bipartisan effort, Congress needs to get back to work and that impeaching Mayorkas, as well as Attorney General Merrick Garland, should be at the top of the priority list. Cruz said this would bring the focus back to House Republicans so they could concentrate on more important matters.

According to Cruz, the House “should move forward” with Garland as well. Cruz called him “the most partisan and political attorney general” the US has ever had. He also noted the two whistleblowers from the IRS who came forward claiming that Garland lied under oath to Congress and lied to Cruz himself when he questioned Garland for the Judiciary Committee. The senator said Marland “engaged in obstruction of justice” by “blocking the investigation” into President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, as well as the president’s involvement with his son’s corrupt dealings.

In July, then-Speaker McCarthy commented on the calls to impeach Mayorkas, an effort that lost steam over the summer, and noted that such a process can only be carried out “if someone has done something” to warrant it. Texas Rep. Chip Roy said more than just “high crimes and misdemeanors” should be looked at when considering impeaching Mayorkas, but his job performance must also be considered.

Meanwhile, Biden made an announcement on Wednesday that contradicts his promise while running for office in 2020 that “not one more inch” of the border wall would be built: the Department of Homeland Security waived 26 laws to allow the wall’s continued construction.

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