COVID Discrimination To Be ILLEGAL Under New Declaration

Canadian Province To Start Making COVID Discrimination Illegal

Canadian Province To Start Making COVID Discrimination Illegal

( – Residents of Alberta, Canada, were forced to obtain COVID vaccine passports to live freely. There were also strict mask mandates. Those who refused to follow the rules were arrested or fined. Though the restrictions have been lifted, some people are still dealing with the consequences of their refusal to submit previously. The new premier wants to remedy the situation.

On October 11, Premier Danielle Smith took office in Alberta. Fox News reported she apologized to “anyone who was inappropriately subjected to discrimination as a result of their vaccine status” during the pandemic. She also told government employees who lost their jobs because they refused to get the COVID-19 vaccination that she was sorry and they could have their jobs back if they want to work.

Smith also said she was thinking about pardoning those who were criminally charged when they refused to adhere to coronavirus mandates.

The Conservative Party leader also intends to try to make it illegal for businesses to discriminate against people who do not have the COVID vaccine. The change would be to the Human Rights Code.

What do you think about the premier’s remarks and decision?

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