Conservative Group Unveils CHANGES To Stop The Government!

( – The Heritage Foundation is formulating a plan to help the next conservative presidency succeed where others have failed.

The 20205 Presidential Transition Project, helmed by Spencer Chretien, is pulling together a coalition of right-of-center organizations and people who have served in former administrations to plan out exactly what needs to be done to dismantle the systems that have been pushing far-left agendas and thwarting attempts by conservatives to implement better policies.

The project is organized around four pillars. First, the coalition will form a specific policy agenda that can be used as a guide by a new presidential administration, providing the best plan of attack for all the major issues in the country. Second, they will form a database of conservatives from “all walks of life” to identify people who can be appointed to critical political positions where they will be able to implement the policy agenda.

To ensure their success, Project 2025 will train the personnel through seminars, workshops, online content, and mentorship. The plan to train future administrators will be led by experts in politics and bureaucracy who have served in previous administrations and can offer actionable advice and insight. Finally, the project will create the 180-Day Playbook which will consist of actions a new administration can take immediately upon entering the White House. 

In a post on the Heritage Foundation website, Spencer Chretien explains the project in detail. He references former President Donald Trump’s inexperience with Washington’s bureaucracy and the unelected federal employees that wield political power invested in them by their own status quo. 

These people, who he calls “Permanent D.C.” understand how the government works and how to use it against policies they don’t like, which is why Trump’s greatest successes only came in the last year of his term. The Presidential Transition Project believes that to “dismantle the administrative state,” conservatives will have to go on the offense and “use the levers of power” that have been used against them for so long. 

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