Congress Plans Additional Spending to Avert Government Shutdown

Congress Plans Additional Spending to Avert Government Shutdown

( – Since President Joe Biden took office in 2021, government programs have largely been running on their previously set budgets. Lawmakers have not been able to come to an agreement about new spending. Now they’re trying to put their political differences aside in an attempt to prevent a government shutdown.

For the last few days, Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill have been negotiating a new budget that would allow the government to stop running on short-term spending. Lawmakers are reportedly confident they’ll be able to reach an agreement before the February 18 deadline. There are bound to be disagreements about which programs receive more money and which don’t.

Biden wants to pour money into climate change initiatives, health care, education, science and social programs. Although the GOP supports setting children up for success, they’ve pushed back against some of the left’s more grandiose ideas and allowed the country to keep running on short-term spending. As the midterms approach, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle now want to come to an agreement.

There are no discussions about possibly spending more on COVID-19 recovery aid and defense. The GOP is particularly worried America might need more defense money amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Lawmakers have about two weeks to come to an agreement. Do you think it will happen?

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