Communist Survivor Warns About America’s Future

Communist Survivor Warns About America's Future

Communist Survivor Sends CHILLING Warning – America In Doom Spiral

( – Democratic Socialist Kristen González won her primary earlier this month for the New York Senate. She claimed Republicans were trying to scare voters about having someone like her elected. A communist survivor recently spoke to Fox News about the reasons why Americans should be scared.

Chinese immigrant Xi Van Fleet came to the US in 1986 after living through Mao Zedong’s cultural revolution in her homeland. The communist leader caused unimaginable suffering in the nation. In recent years, she’s been very vocal about the parallels she sees between the society she grew up in and what Leftists are doing to the US.

On August 27, Xi Van Fleet joined “Fox & Friends Weekend” to discuss the dangers America is facing. She warned socialist supporters against it, saying so many people are “abandoning freedom” but “[t]hey have no idea what socialism is about.”

Xi Van Fleet went on to say when she lived in China, the government-controlled everything from how “much grain, meat [and] cooking oil [she] could have” to the education she received and what job she could obtain. She claimed there were “no choices” under that system. Ultimately, she said she doesn’t think there is much difference between communism and socialism, she said the latter is just the beginning.

What do you think about Xi Van Fleet’s remarks?

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