CNN Holds Dem To The Fire – She Got ROASTED

( – After Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) misrepresented the results of a poll from CNN on the debt limit on May 25, CNN’s Poppy Harlow pushed back.

The deadline to increase the debt limit is approaching. Republicans enacted legislation to establish work requirements for people receiving government help and slash federal spending by almost $130 billion. Democrat representatives and the White House opposed the idea, instead asking for a debt limit raise with no preconditions.

Harlow brought up a recent CNN survey that found 60% of Americans believe the debt limit should be raised only if budget cutbacks are included. She also said that 58% of independents fell into this category. She pressed Jayapal on whether or not she felt her views were now at odds with those of the country at large.

In response, Jayapal said she appreciated that Harlow “raised that poll.” She said it’s crucial to examine the poll’s findings, implying that the questions asked might have led to erroneous conclusions. They would likely answer yes if asked whether they thought the government should reduce expenditures. She was confident that the response rate would be higher in favor of requiring that the wealthy pay for their fair share if the poll asked if the federal government should reduce spending and the deficit by reducing the tax breaks given to the wealthiest or if they would rather see cuts to their own health care, education, etc.

Harlow rebutted, stating that the results of the survey proved otherwise. She then read the poll’s findings to Jayapal again. What people are saying in response to this crucial question is reflected in these poll results.

Jayapal said that she had realized this as well. She insisted that tax cuts are an expense that the government cannot separate from spending. Money is being spent on lowering taxes for the wealthy. Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy contributed over $2 trillion to the national debt. This represents actual money being spent. The government has to restore those tax increases to help bring down the debt.

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