CNN Asks KJP Tough Questions about Biden’s Age

( – White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was grilled on Tuesday by CNN host Jake Tapper about recent polling showing that a growing number of Americans have concerns about President Joe Biden’s age.

Referencing a recent poll by the Associated Press, Tapper noted that 77% of adult voters “are worried” about the fact that Biden is 80 years old. He then asked Jean-Pierre what she makes of presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s remarks about Biden “degrading before our eyes” and her prediction that he would end up replaced by Vice President Kamala Harris during a second term in office.

Jean-Pierre replied that the Hatch Act prevented her from responding “directly to Nikki Haley. She then went on to list some alleged accomplishments by Biden and his administration.

Tapper replied that he wasn’t asking Jean-Pierre to respond to Haley directly but about Biden’s advanced age and the public’s concern about whether or not the president has the remaining stamina and ability to lead the country.

“You’re talking about [Biden’s] record,” Tapper said, and that he understands why Jean-Pierre would “rather talk about the record,” but that he’s “talking about what Americans see” on TV, which is that Biden has been in politics before she was even born. “He’s 80,” the host added, and noted that the average male in America “only lives to be 77.”

Jean-Pierre has gotten into trouble over the Hatch Act before and typically cites the act as a way to avoid answering questions. Last November, she was accused of violating it by urging Americans not to vote for Republican candidates supported by former President Donald Trump.

Jean-Pierre has served as White House Press Secretary since May 2022 and is the first black and openly lesbian person to serve in the role. Before that, she was the deputy press secretary to Jen Psaki, her predecessor, and was also the campaign chief of staff for Vice President Kamala Harris in 2020.

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