City Halt – San Francisco’s X Sign Change Under SCRUTINY!

( – A complaint and investigation into a giant “X” sign that appeared on the roof of the headquarters of X, formerly known as Twitter, has been launched by the city of San Francisco

As part of the rebranding of Twitter, Elon Musk unveiled the company’s new X logo that replaced the blue bird logo July 24. Workers were seen outside the building removing the blue bird logo when police responded to the site, stopping the removal of the logo. According to police, a complaint came in that the sidewalk was not taped off to prevent injuries to pedestrians if anything fell and the proper permits were not obtained before the removal of the logo.

A permit is required for design as well as safety reasons if a sign is being erected on top of a building or even if letters or symbols are being replaced on buildings, according to city of San Francisco officials. 

Department of Building Inspection spokesperson Patrick Hannan said the permit would not only make sure the sign was safely attached but also ensure a new sign was consistent “with the historic nature of the building.” 

The bright, giant X sign appeared on the roof of the building on July 28 when a worker was seen adjusting the sign. City officials issued a notice of violation in response to the new sign. The lights on the giant X were only illuminated July 28 however, residents were still unhappy with the sign. Twenty-four complaints regarding the X sign’s safety and lights were received after it was erected, according to Hannan. 

The sign was removed from the building July 31. City officials say a fine will be issued for erecting the sign without a permit. There will also be fees to pay for removing the sign, the building permits as well as fees that will cover the costs of the investigation.

Musk, who bought the company for $44 billion in 2022, renamed Twitter’s corporate name to X Corp. before the launch of the new logo.

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