Chris Cuomo Under Fire for Ignoring Brother’s Scandal

Chris Cuomo Under Fire for Ignoring Brother's Scandal

( – On August 3, New York Attorney General Letitia James released a report on the investigation into allegations Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women. The probe alleged the governor harassed at least 11 women and broke both federal and state laws. Now Andrew Cuomo’s brother Chris is under fire.

James’ report mentioned that CNN’s star, Chris Cuomo, advised his brother when the sexual harassment allegations started making rounds in the news. Investigators found the television host emailed his brother’s advisers and told them how to respond in the press.

That isn’t new information. In May, Chris apologized on air and defended his decision to advise his brother saying he always puts family first. Nonetheless, there are once again calls for the network to fire the host. National security expert Brigitte Gabriel demanded to know when CNN is going to let him go. Journalist Julie O’Donoghue and others also called for his firing.

According to an August 4 NY Times report, CNN executives gave Chris the option to take a leave of absence when his brother’s scandals started to break. He didn’t take the leave, instead opting to refrain from covering the governor. In the end, he advised his brother, created a massive conflict of interest, made the network look bad and still he’s received no punishment.

In the days since the report was made public, CNN has not indicated it plans to do anything about the conflict of interest — again.

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