China Resists Origin Study, Points Finger at US

China Resists Origin Study, Points Finger At US

( – More than 18 months after COVID-19 began ravaging the world, there are still no concrete answers as to how and where the virus originated. Back in May, President Joe Biden tasked intelligence agencies to find a cause and thus provide Americans — and the world — with many sought-after answers. On Tuesday, August 24, he received a classified report with its findings.

Did the virus jump from animal to human, or was it the result of a lab leak? As it turns out, despite attempts to investigate, there are still no real answers.

4 Million Deaths Worldwide

The novel coronavirus is responsible for more than 4 million deaths globally. More than 600,000 of those deaths occurred in the US, spurring demands for answers. Where did the virus come from, and why wasn’t it contained faster before it claimed so many victims?

China (Still) Refuses to Cooperate

Unsurprisingly, China continues to refuse to cooperate with the investigation. While on the surface, it appears the Communist nation has let the World Health Organization (WHO) do its job, the reality is far more bleak. China has refused access to certain data sets, which makes a conclusive answer impossible.

Rather, they still point the finger at the United States. The answer, they claim, lies within Fort Detrick, a research laboratory in Maryland, not Wuhan. They’ve also refused to share critical patient data that could lead to answers, citing privacy concerns. Amidst the multiple investigations, China maintains the United States is simply playing a political game.

On the embassy website, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, slammed the US. “We urge the US to stop using the origins study to seek political manipulation,” a statement read. He further went on to say the US is simply looking for a scapegoat for its poor response to the pandemic.

We May Never Know

Unfortunately, it seems we’re no closer to knowing the source of the deadly virus. Avril Haines, director of National Intelligence, said the agency was hoping to find a “smoking gun” but noted that it was challenging on multiple fronts. “It might happen, but it might not,” she continued. The WHO also continues to investigate despite roadblocks. Michael Ryan, head of the organization’s health emergencies program, says “all hypotheses … are still on the table.”

It seems that lack of access to information and China’s refusal to cooperate have led to a stalemate — at least for now.

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