China Reportedly Preparing for Sanctions

China Reportedly Preparing for Sanctions

China Takes Lessons From Russia As It Prepares Its Own War Of Aggression

( – The Chinese government has made it very clear it believes Taiwan is part of the People’s Republic of China and wants to “unify” it. There’s been a concern among leaders that China might invade the island like Russia did in Ukraine. According to reports, the communist country is now reportedly concerned it might face sanctions like its friends.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Chinese officials are trying to find ways to defend the country against sanctions from the West. On April 22, the country’s regulators held an emergency meeting with the Ministry of Finance, China’s central bank, international lenders like HSBC and domestic banks in the nation. The communist party is allegedly trying to figure out a way to protect foreign currency reserves of more than $3 trillion.

Although the US would almost certainly sanction China if it invaded Taiwan, it would be problematic for the American economy. Orient Capital Research Managing Director Andrew Collier, based in Hong Kong, told the Daily Mail it would be harder for the US to impose massive sanctions because China has the second-largest economy in the world. He compared it to “mutually assured destruction in a nuclear war.”

Do you think America should sanction China if the country invades Taiwan?

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