CDC Director Admits Agency Lacks Clarity

CDC Director Admits Agency Lacks Clarity

( – It seems as though the CDC is constantly changing its guidance. Wear masks. Don’t wear masks. Cloth masks are good. Cloth masks are bad. Stay home from work for 10 days. Go back to work after five days. The changing narrative has left many Americans frustrated and now the director of the agency is admitting that’s a problem.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky recently spoke to the Wall Street Journal about her first year at the agency. The director acknowledged she hasn’t been clear enough with Americans about what’s going on with the guidelines. She admitted she should have let them know the rules would change as new information became available.

The CDC received a lot of criticism recently when the agency reduced the length of quarantine from 10 days to 5. People claimed the agency was ignoring what COVID-19 positive people needed in favor of businesses. Then on January 4, the agency updated its guidelines again, giving new instructions to people who wanted to get a test after their five days of isolation were up. The guidance just confused people more, adding to the frustration.

In addition to the issues with the guidelines, less than 200 health facilities have electronically linked to the CDC. That has caused a severe data shortage, making it hard for the agency to update its guidelines based on current information.

The problems with the agency are more than just a communications issue, it seems systemic. What is Walensky going to do about that?

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