CANCELLED – She Didn’t Play By Their RULES!

( – After performing the National Anthem at a rally for former President Donald Trump, upcoming Cape Cod performances by country musician Carly Tefft have been cancelled.

Tefft said she received a call from the Dennis, Massachusetts, venue owner five days after her April performance during a Trump campaign rally in New Hampshire. The venue told Tefft that upcoming shows were cancelled due to “controversy.” Tefft, a native of Massachusetts, said the owner had made up his mind despite knowing her for years.

During her June 14 interview on the Howie Carr Show, Tefft said she has performed multiple times at Harvest Gallery, a small, Cape Cod restaurant that features both music and art. However, in cancelling her upcoming shows the owner stated his customer base would feel “threatened.”

The owner went on to compare her performing at the establishment to having obscene artwork hanging on the walls.

Tefft also recalled how the venue’s owner asked her if she supported Trump. Her response was that the only person she “wholeheartedly supports is God.”

Despite cancelling her performances, the owner of the Harvest Gallery said she is welcome to eat or drink at the bar.

Having her upcoming shows cancelled is a first for Tefft. On the Howie Carr Show, Tefft said while she knew performing the National Anthem for Trump might be polarizing, she also saw it as an “opportunity to bring people together with the National Anthem by a former president.”

Tefft has previously performed the National Anthem at Fenway Park, the TD Garden stadium, and at the Boston Marathon.

Fans have been taking to social media with support for the singer, with some stating that if they did not know her music before they would be supporting her now.

On June 14, after her interview on the Howie Carr Show aired, Tefft tweeted a video of her song “Freedom in This Country,” asking fans if she should re-release the song.

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