Calls for Elon Musk to Buy YouTube Increase

Calls for Elon Musk to Buy YouTube Increase

Rumors Swirl – Elon Musk Considering Purchasing Youtube

( – Tesla Founder Elon Musk is currently in the process of buying Twitter. The billionaire has promised to make it a free-speech haven. Some internet users are now calling on him to buy YouTube as well.

On Tuesday, June 7, Musk posted a tweet blasting YouTube for the spam ads that are on its platform. One of his followers agreed with him, pointing to the solar panel ads that constantly run before videos.

Musk responded to his follower, saying, “Yeah, exactly.” He went on to say some of the ads mention Tesla Powerwall, the company’s battery system to store solar energy, but he plans to put a stop to that. He then shared a meme mocking YouTube for its hypocritical policies.

People have begun to encourage Musk to buy YouTube. Political pundit Lauren Chen asked the billionaire to “restore it to its former 2016 glory.” Podcaster Trung Phan posted a meme of Musk looking at YouTube while a jealous Twitter user looked on. The Tesla founder responded with eyeball emojis.

There’s no indication Musk has any intention of buying the Google-owned video platform. However, it’s interesting that he’s now being viewed as the savior of the internet because of his bid to buy Twitter. As for that deal, Musk claims he has unilaterally paused it until the social media giant gives him information on spam accounts. The company is reportedly complying.

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