Migrant Crisis a Tragedy and Security Threat

(USNewsMag.com) – The migrant crisis is an “unbelievable human tragedy” according to a top intelligence official in Congress, warning that the crisis is also a threat to national security.

Republican Ohio Rep. Mike Turner, Chairman of the House Select Intelligence Committee, put the blame on President Joe Biden and his administration for an “incredible influx” of immigrants seeking asylum in the US. The intel chair appeared on WABV 770 AM radio on “Cats Roundtable” and blamed the executive branch of the federal government for permitting the migrant surge over the southern border.

Turner said the border is being left open because of the Biden administration’s policies and that “the incredible influx” of border-crossers seen “since the Trump administration” is palpable. Turner noted that although some “seek a better life” there are also those who “intend” to harm Americans, referring to asylum seekers who’ve been caught and identified on terror watch lists.

The congressman added that the lack of control over the border means that the US doesn’t “get to choose who comes here” and can’t determine the reasons each asylum seeker has for coming. Turner called the situation an “unbelievable human tragedy” and said he’s heard stories from some “who made this trek” over the border believing they will “find a better life” due to “the Biden administration’s welcoming.” He added that migrants are then “taken advantage of… along the way,” citing human trafficking by the cartels.

Turner is trying to take a “bipartisan approach” to the migrant crisis and was supported by committee member Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes, a Democrat, who said he’s “deeply concerned” about the Biden administration’s failure “to provide for national security.”

As more migrants continue to pour over the border, even so-called sanctuary states like New York are beginning to lose patience with the federal government over Biden’s border policies. New York City Mayor Eric Adams warned last week that the Big Apple could be destroyed if more help isn’t provided.

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