Border Patrol Seized Enough Fentanyl To Kill All Of The US Population This Fiscal Year

( – As the US Border Patrol struggles to contend with a record number of illegal immigrants at the southern border, they made a shocking announcement this week: in the current fiscal year, border agents have seized enough doses of fentanyl to kill the entire American population.

Jason Owens, Chief of Border Patrol, announced that more than 2,700 lbs of the drug fentanyl had been seized by agents out of a total of 69,000+ lbs of narcotics confiscated throughout the current fiscal year between entry ports. Other narcotics seized include cocaine (11,000 lbs), methamphetamine (13,000 lbs), and marijuana (40,000 lbs).

The 2,700 lbs of fentanyl seized only account for what was confiscated between ports of entry, meaning it was already inside the country. Over 22,000 pounds of the dangerous substance have been caught at the border entry points.

Over 100,000 deaths by overdose in 2022 involved opioids, of which fentanyl is the most prominent. The majority of the drug supply is produced in Mexico by cartels, which use precursors from China. Fentanyl can be up to 100 times more potent than morphine and is also often cut with other drugs, meaning users don’t always know what they’re ingesting.

Deaths from opioids have seen a sharp increase in recent years, which is partly related to the 2020 pandemic lockdowns, but President Joe Biden claims his administration’s efforts, including going after smugglers, have flattened that number. Republicans, on the other hand, place the blame on Biden’s administration, blaming its handling of the southern border for exacerbating the drug flow into the US. Some GOP lawmakers are even calling for military action to destroy cartel labs in Mexico.

The latest statistics highlight the overwhelming situation at the border, which is creating a host of issues aside from drug smuggling, such as human trafficking, and putting a strain on American resources in the effort to house and feed the new arrivals.

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