Border Crossing Warning: NY Sheriff Sounds Alarm Cartel Activity

( – A sheriff from upstate New York appeared before Congress this week to sound the alarm about the increase in illegal immigrant encounters at the northern border between the US and Canada, as well as a rise in cartel activity in the area as rural communities experience a rise in crime.

David Favro has been the Clinton County sheriff for 21 years, and he brought his expertise and testimony before a House subcommittee on Homeland Security on Tuesday to warn about the neglected northern border. In an opening statement, Favro said “criminals and cartels” are being allowed “to thrive” on American soil because of “the current administration’s policies,” consisting of a “discretionary approach” to the border and immigration legislation.

Favro said the “impact” of the border crisis “on our emergency management is evident.” He testified that 911 call centers in New York “are experiencing increased calls for services” and that response and rescue missions are being complicated by “language barriers.”

The sheriff also said that the “expiration of Title 42” has “exacerbated” the ongoing crisis, which he said “poses a substantial threat” to local community safety. The sheriff said that communities near the northern border have been “neglected and left to rely solely on local and state resources” to deal with the situation, while Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas hasn’t presented a “concrete plan” to address the impact.

Favro went on to provide examples of recent criminal encounters amid law enforcement staff shortages in Clinton County. The sheriff also pointed out the dangerous, frigid weather conditions along the northern border. He noted that a couple of migrants have died trying to enter the US through Canada and that many are unaware of the vastly diametric temperatures at the northern border compared to the heat of the south.

Another issue raised by the sheriff is the housing shortage for residents in need caused by a large influx of new arrivals requiring shelter. Favro said the increase in border crossers “has created a shuffle effect,” causing communities to relocate the migrants in their communities elsewhere.

He noted, too, that while everyone is aware that Texas is relocating its excess migrants to New York City, they are less aware that the city is then relocating those migrants to other New York communities.

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