Body of Missing American Serviceman Found

Body of Missing American Serviceman Found

( – On Friday, April 22, Texas Army National Guard Specialist Bishop Evans jumped into the Rio Grande River to rescue two illegal immigrants who were drowning. The migrants survived, but the serviceman didn’t. After days of searching, the service member’s body has finally been found.

US Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) announced authorities had recovered the body of Specialist Evans, who had been swept away in the currents.

Gonzales later said the serviceman would be remembered for the “bravery and compassion” he showed while he was trying to save the lives of the migrants. He went on to say the Texas guardsman’s sacrifice would never be forgotten.

Specialist Evans, 22, joined the military in 2019. He served in both Iraq and Kuwait. Texas Military Department (TMD) commended Evans’ “selfless efforts” to rescue two people who looked like they were drowning as they tried to make it across the river.

Thousands of migrants have crossed the US border this year alone. Those numbers are expected to get worse when Title 42, a Donald Trump-era immigration policy, ends. Hopefully, no other service members lose their lives while they’re trying to protect their homeland.

The migrants the specialist was trying to save were taken into custody.

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