Black Mom Makes HISTORY – Tells Committee Something Horrifying!

( – On March 21, a black woman and mother in Minnesota spoke out against CRT legislation that would mandate the teaching of ethnic studies in public schools.

If passed, this bill would mandate that all public schools provide courses in ethnic studies. The state’s education commissioner would also have to include ethnic classes in curriculum guidelines. This is only one piece of the legislation called the Omnibus Education Policy Bill that the House of Representatives in Minnesota has bundled together related to public school education.

Before the House Committee on Education Budget of Minnesota, attorney and mother of three sons Kofi Montzka testified in opposition to House File 1269. She questioned if the committee would wonder why she, a person of color, would come out in opposition to ethnic studies. She then cautioned that not everything that seems beneficial really is beneficial. According to the legal concept of “Ethnic Studies,” there is a correlation between racial identity and social class. The law would instruct children of color to fully accept their place in a racial caste system.

Montzka said that she couldn’t take it any longer when people refused to acknowledge the significant development of racial harmony in the United States. She went on to say that politicians were attempting to reinstate racial discrimination. She understands why some white people advocate for this measure. Nobody is telling their children they won’t amount to anything because of the color of their skin. As a bonus, they get to release some of the shame of their so-called white guilt.

Hillary Swanson, a Minnesota citizen, argued before the committee that she also believes the legislation’s concept of ethnic studies would foster racial division and stereotyping. She said that, due to her skin color, she is inherently no different than everyone else. She embodies the spirit of being black in the United States. She has never been any other race but her own, and she refuses to let anybody use that fact as an excuse to treat her differently.