Bill Proposes SECESSION – U.S. Government Gone Too Far!?

( – A TEXIT bill proposing independence from the United States has been presented by a politician in Texas.

The Texas Independence Referendum Act was sponsored by Republican Houston Representative Bryan Slaton to allow Texans the chance to vote on the question of whether or not their state would be able to claim their state “an independent nation.” On November 7, 2023, during the next statewide election, voters would decide whether or not to put the proposition to a vote.

Slaton said the citizens had the right to make political decisions under the Texas Constitution. Texans have been silenced for decades while the federal government routinely disregarded their rights and freedoms.

As a result of the Mexican War in 1836, the Republic of Texas declared its freedom from Mexico and officially joined the US in 1845. During the American Civil War, the state joined the Confederate States in leaving the Union.

Slaton went on to remark that on the 187th Alamo anniversary of defeat, he was happy to introduce this measure to give Texans a role in the direction of the state. The state of Texas was founded on the ideals of individual freedom and government by the people, and this ideal remains strong in every Texan to this day.

In 1836, during the Texas Revolution, Texan soldiers held an ancient Spanish mission and fought against Mexican militia for many days before all were nearly slain. This legendary encounter is referred to as the ‘Battle of the Alamo’.

According to the president of the Texas National Movement, Daniel Miller, this will be remembered as a watershed moment in the state’s fight for independence and the right to self-rule instead of federal government rule.

On the other hand, Republican Jeff Leach, a state representative, stated that the idea was ludicrous. It was the exact essence of hypocrisy and seditious treachery. It was dead already.

After many failed attempts at secession, the Supreme Court ruled in the landmark decision Texas v. White in 1868 that states have no legal authority to separate from the union on their own.

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