Big Tech NIGHTMARE – THOUSANDS More Layoffs Announced

Jeff Bezos Warns There Will Be Amazon Layoffs

Jeff Bezos Warns There Will Be Amazon Layoffs

( – The economy is currently on shaky ground. Some experts believe the country will fall into a recession in the next several months. As a result, a number of tech companies have begun laying off workers. Amazon is among the corporations starting to downsize.

The online retail giant is set to lay off about 10,000 workers, or roughly 3% of its corporate workforce. The cuts are expected to impact the company’s human resources and retail divisions. Also impacted may be the Alexa department.

On November 16, David Limp, the senior vice president of devices and services, told CNN the layoffs have already started at the company. He said Amazon “decided to consolidate some teams and programs” after a review. Limp said the employees were notified on November 15, and the company is working with individuals to find them “new roles.”

In addition to Amazon, Twitter recently laid off more than 3,000 workers. Meta is also letting over 11,000 employees go after CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted he overshot projections. That is about 13% of the company’s workforce. In August, Snapchat gave pink slips to 20% of its workers. Like Meta, Lyft is also cutting its workforce by 13%.

Do you think the tech boom has finally come to an end?

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