Big Tech Learns Its Fate After Spending BILLIONS On Racial Issues!

( – Major tech firms in the US contributed billions to intersectionality and BLM after the death of George Floyd. Now, there have been widespread layoffs and the elimination of positions in the computer industry.

Since 2020, IT giants like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Apple have contributed over $5 billion to racial justice initiatives, including large investments in black-owned companies. Thousands of employees have now been laid off as a result of higher interest rates, rising prices, and concerns about a possible economic downturn.

After pledging $169.5 million toward BLM causes, Amazon started laying off 18,000 workers in January 2023. The Brennan Center for Justice, BLM, the ACLU, and such groups were supported by Amazon.

By 2021, Facebook plans to spend $2 billion it has set aside for black and diverse vendors. The company has promised money to organizations that help people of color, including the Equal Justice Initiative, the Innocence Project, small businesses with black ownership, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, and a Facebook account set up by black workers to amplify community voices.

Meta, Facebook’s corporate entity, let off 10,000 employees and shut down 5,000 positions on March 14. Upwards of 11,000 workers, or 13% of the workforce, were let go in November.

After giving $246 million dollars to BLM plus other racial justice organizations, Microsoft has decided to lay off 10,000 employees. A total of $51 million was given to criminal justice, with $250,000 of it going to the BLM Worldwide Network Foundation.

Google has promised to spend $1 billion yearly with vendors including the BLM movement, advertising funding, organizations seeking to reduce racial inequity, efforts at closing the black education gap, and black-owned companies. Google has decided to lay off 12% of its workforce.

With its Racial Equality and Justice Initiative, Apple promised $130 million to fund research and advocacy efforts targeting the root causes of racism and other forms of structural oppression.

Although the corporation has not yet begun laying off workers, recent cuts to recruiting, incentives, and other perks, as well as other cost-cutting measures, have caused some to worry.

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