Biden’s Nominee PASSES – Look What’s Happening Next!

( – The nomination of Eric Garcetti, the former Los Angeles Mayor, as the ambassador to India is one step closer to a Senate confirmation vote

Garcetti, who was first nominated by Biden almost 2 years ago, did not earn a full vote in the Senate after his first committee hearing due to a sexual harassment scandal  involving Matthew Garza, his former longtime bodyguard, and his former chief of staff Rick Jacobs when he was the Mayor of Los Angeles. The questions centered around whether Garcetti knew about and ignored the alleged sexual harassment. Biden then nominated Garcetti again this year.

An investigation into the issue was opened in 2022 by Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, In total, 15 witnesses were interviewed and 26 depositions were examined, as well as other documents related to the case. The investigation concluded that Garcetti should have known, or knew of the actions of his advisor.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio placed a hold on Garcetti’s nomination in February due to the sexual harassment lawsuit against Jacobs.

Garcetti was elected as mayor of Los Angeles in 2013. He served as mayor until 2022. He was a member of the City Council for 12 years. As Los Angeles mayor, Garcetti helped lead the 2028 summer Olympic Games bid for Los Angeles.

Garcetti was a part of Biden’s national campaign, where he served as a co-chair. He was responsible for vetting candidates for vice president as part of a committee. He also served as a co-chair, one of several, on Biden’s inaugural committee.

Garcetti has the support of President Biden as his nominee for ambassador to India.