Biden’s Latest EXCUSE Just Made Him A Target!

( – The White House’s allegation that Republicans are endangering America’s reaction to China and the US military, according to Scott Perry, the chair of the House Freedom Caucus (HFC), is another spectacular falsehood.

The HFC unveiled its budget on March 10, a day after Biden’s, and advocated for a series of reductions in his. The organization claims that the cutbacks will target the armed, woke, and inefficient government bureaucracy while maintaining existing military budget levels and protecting benefits from Medicare and Social Security.

The budget suggested by the caucus would eliminate Biden’s $400 billion earmark for the college debt reduction package, repeal the IRS growth and environmental issues expenditures of Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), and remove unexpended emergency monies.

On March 23, Biden unveiled an alternative budget plan that would add over $51 trillion to the country’s debt by 2033, requesting a total of $6.8 trillion.

According to a statement released by the White House on Friday, the budget proposal by the HFC would harm efforts to restrain China and undermine US military preparedness, thereby endangering national security. According to the CBO analysis, the entire Federal budget would have to be eliminated if the caucus’ budget plan to freeze needed expenditures at 2022 levels for ten years without cutting a few veterans’ benefits, Social Security, military defense, and Medicare were to be implemented.

Perry shot back that Biden is preoccupied with establishing his qualifications as “Divider-in-Chief” rather than putting together a cogent defense of the reality that his uncontrolled policies are blind to the disastrous economic consequences he has imposed upon families and business owners in the US.

Whether or not he knows it, President Biden has taken on the role of spokesman for the HFCs’ proposal to expand the American economy and reduce the size of the federal government, according to Republican Representative Chip Roy of Texas.

Fed up with porous borders, rising prices, and unchecked bureaucrats, ordinary Americans want nothing more than for Congress to reign in the overgrown federal bureaucracy that is being used as a weapon against the people.

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