Biden’s DOJ Gun Law Plan Will Impact Ability To Defend Yourself

( – After the US Department of Justice (DOJ) published its model firearms legislation laying out a framework for states on how to codify gun storage rules into law, gun rights groups and lawmakers are openly calling to defy the policy.

On Wednesday, Dec. 13, the DOJ published a proposed framework to help “more states enact sensible gun-safety laws,” including legal requirements for the secure storage of firearms in homes and motor vehicles. The framework also proposes updating the system of reporting to law enforcement lost or stolen guns.

Commenting on the announcement, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said that the country “cannot resign” itself to losing neighbors, loved ones, and “our children” to the “misuse of firearms” that could’ve “been kept safely out of reach.” She clarified that the model legislation would provide “new tools” for states “to improve the safety” of legal guns while reducing “the tragic toll of gun violence” in communities. Citizens who violate the proposed storage rules will face fines.

The National Rifle Association (NRA), Gun Owners of America (GOA), and other Second Amendment advocacy groups are speaking out against the model legislation, calling the model too broad and raising concerns that the strict storage rules will undermine lawful gun owners’ ability to defend themselves. An NRA representative, Jennifer Briemann, told Fox News that the association remains “the leader and strongest advocate” for storing firearms responsibly and that the DOJ’s model legislation “imposes top-down, one-size-fits-all mandates” for gun storage.

Briemann added that although firearms “must be stored” in a way that’s inaccessible “to unauthorized persons,” the “specifics” of how to store them “depend on individual or family circumstances.” She also accused the DOJ of using the model legislation as a way to push through “extreme risk protection orders,” a term Briemann claims is coded language for “gun confiscation without due process.”

GOA Director Christ Stone called the DOJ’s proposal “unconstitutional” and a waste of “time and resources.” Stone said such laws would “undermine the ability of law-abiding citizens” to reliably access their firearms “in home defense scenarios,” violating their right to privacy and private property.

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