Biden Wants To Quietly Reinstate This Program To Target Americans!

( – A surveillance program  that grants American agencies powers that some say is vital to national security threats is set to sunset this year. Feb. 28, Congress was urged by the Biden administration to renew the program, without many changes.

The controversial program has some Republicans and some Democrats concerned with privacy.  Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the program known as Section 702, lets American spy agencies monitor and gather communications of foreigners outside the United States. However, there are concerns from civil liberty advocates that Americans could be caught up in the surveillance.

First added to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in 2008, Section 702 was renewed in 2018 for 6 years. 

Feb. 28, intelligence officials began making their case to not let the program expire as it allowed for the collection of valuable data and insight to recent security threats, such as the ransomware attacks. National security officials have said how critical Section 702 is to their work. Intelligence officials have said that the data collected allows officials to address challenges with Russia and China. 

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan has already said he would not support renewing the program unless changes are made. He is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which will be involved with the discussions about Section 702.

Senate Intelligence Committee members are working to help renew the program. House  Intelligence Committee members Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, Utah Rep. Chris Stewart and Illinois Rep. Darin LaHood have been working for the last year on the renewal effort, and are expected to pair FISA reform with the renewal.

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