Biden Updates Travel Requirements for Foreigners

Biden Updates Travel Requirements for Foreigners

( – In early 2020, former President Donald Trump imposed tough travel restrictions on many countries. The rules prohibited citizens from dozens of nations, including China, African countries, and others, from entering the US. Now, President Joe Biden has lifted most of the restrictions and implemented new requirements.

On Monday, October 25, Biden started moving away from the country-by-country restrictions that had been in place previously. All adult travelers entering the US will have to be fully vaccinated and show proof from an official source. According to the policy, the US will accept the vaccines approved in the US as well as the WHO Emergency Use Listed vaccines.

The administration is allowing some travelers to get exemptions. First, children under age 18 and people with certain medical conditions do not need to meet the requirements. Also, Non-tourist travelers who live in a country with a vaccination rate under 10% can receive an exemption but they’ll need to be vaccinated within 60 days of entering the US. There are at least 50 countries listed, including Nicaragua, Chad and Haiti.

The federal government will also require all vaccinated travelers to receive a negative COVID-19 test within three days of their flight. All unvaccinated travelers will need a negative result within 24 hours, except for kids under the age of 2. Finally, anyone entering the US will need to provide contact information to the government.

The new rules go into effect on November 8.

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