Biden Shadow Money EXPOSED – GOP Demands ANSWERS!

( – Republicans are demanding answers after learning that the President Joe Biden’s S-corporation, CelticCapri Corp., earned almost $10 million in 2017. The money’s source was never revealed.

There was mystery surrounding the 46th president’s decision to keep this significant source of income hidden from the public’s view since neither his personal tax records nor his campaign website mentioned the company. To look as honest and forthright as possible to voters, candidates for national office usually reveal every source of revenue, including corporate money, on their personal income statements.

As further charges of Biden’s potentially damaging financial issues come to light, Jerry Allison, an Allison Financial Services certified public accountant, thinks that the absence of information should cause concern for House investigators.

Researching Biden’s finances led to a smokescreen, as millions of dollars are unaccounted for in his S-corporation tax forms.

Some Biden colleagues and family and their businesses acquired over ten million dollars from foreign companies, including transactions made during and following Biden’s term as vice president, according to an interim report from the House Oversight Committee, which was based on a review of records summoned from only four banks. As a consequence, Republican senators have said publicly that they will be pressing Biden for more explanation. Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson said the media should pressure Biden until he reveals the information.

Republican Representative Nancy Mace said that despite the President finding humor in betraying the US, she and her colleagues did not. If he is serious about disproving their claims, he should make public his family’s and his unredacted financial documents to demonstrate to the people the source of all this wealth, she said, adding that the FBI will not be able to shield him indefinitely.

A vote to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt for his failure to produce information on President Biden’s corrupt financial dealings was canceled by House Republicans.

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