Biden Said WHAT About His Granddaughters?!

( – During a May 26 ceremony honoring the LSU women’s basketball team for their NCAA championship, President Biden incorrectly said that he has four female grandchildren when, in fact, he has five.

Biden expressed appreciation to the crew for their time. He declared that the progress made by women’s sports was cause for great celebration. Things are shifting, and it’s not restricted to sports; it’s everything.

He went on to say that his female relatives are the true athletes in the family. Because he has four female grandchildren, he finds it very interesting to observe. He said that he and his brothers were average athletes, but that his female relatives were the true sports stars of the family.

Navy Joan, Hunter Biden’s daughter, is Biden’s biological fifth granddaughter, yet he never talks about her. In 2018, Hunter Biden fathered a child, Joan, with a stripper named Lunden Roberts, just before Joe Biden announced his 2020 presidential run.

Just weeks prior to the White House celebration, in a child support battle with Lunden Roberts, a court in Arkansas ordered the president’s son, Hunter Biden, to respond to questions about his income. He had gone to court to ask for a reduction in his $20,000 annual child support payments to Roberts.

Even still, Biden has repeatedly ignored the existence of his fifth granddaughter, which would make her his seventh grandchild. Regarding his six grandkids, Joe Biden spoke of them to the press in April and said that he is completely smitten with them and always keeps in touch with them.

He asked American families regarding how many grandchildren they had not been able to hug in the last several months because of the lockdowns in 2020. He went on to boast that he has six grandchildren.

A reporter questioned Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, earlier this month about why President Biden had yet to recognize his granddaughter, and Jean-Pierre responded by claiming she was “not going to speak to that” from the stage.

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