Biden Phone SUBPOENAED – He Can’t Save Himself!

( – According to ‘Government Accountability Institute’ president Peter Schweizer on May 16, the Committee on House Oversight has issued a subpoena for the phone records of President Biden’s personal phone, which was purchased with money from Hunter Biden’s company.

As told by Schweizer, the number was retrieved after being located on Hunter Biden’s laptop. From 2009 until Biden left the Vice President’s office in 2017, he covered his father’s phone bill. Since Hunter’s company paid the bill for this private phone, the Oversight Committee plans to issue a subpoena demanding to know who Vice President Joe Biden spoke with on this device, which was not a government-issued phone.

In a related development regarding the IRS investigation, Schweizer expressed concern about reports that the IRS team looking into Hunter Biden’s potential tax cheating had been disbanded. A whistleblower who previously alerted Congress to a probable cover-up at the IRS in this instance was allegedly the cause of this dismissal.

According to Schweizer, the Internal Revenue Service was investigating Hunter Biden’s receipt of millions of dollars in foreign money in 2018. Because of this, a grand jury and the IRS are looking into the matter. In essence, they deduced that Hunter Biden failed to declare any taxable income on that money. A Los Angeles attorney paid $2 million in outstanding taxes to the IRS, but the agency was still investigating possible tax cheating.

Whistleblower reports were submitted, he claimed, by IRS employees looking into Hunter Biden’s alleged tax evasion. They suspected there was political meddling from the DOJ, so they filed complaints with Congress.

Schweizer said that the removal of these witnesses would be in violation of the Whistleblower Protection Act. According to the legislation, employees who submit whistleblower complaints are protected from being removed from their positions.

As per recent reports, the IRS dismissed the staff from their work during the past five-year investigation into Hunter Biden. It now seems likely that they will have to start from scratch.

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