Biden Official Takes CONTROL – Who Can Stop Him?

( – Because of problems with health and safety at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA), Congress mandated in 2022 that the DOT form an advisory council and charge it with advising the DOT secretary, Pete Buttigieg, on how to best proceed with reforms.

The USMMA prepares officers to aid in the peaceful conduct of U.S. maritime commerce and the provision of essential materials to the armed forces in times of war.

‘Diversity, equity, and inclusion’ (DEI) is a priority for some members of the advisory group.

On May 10, Buttigieg announced the appointment of 13 members to the council, including those who support racial justice and take action to reduce the gender gap within the agency. Members include those who manage physical spaces and infrastructure and are well-versed in responding to and preventing misogynistic harassment and assault.

Wayne Gersie, a Michigan Technological University vice president, is one of the latest additions to the advisory committee. The academic and moral need for diversity was reaffirmed in his plea for wider support of ‘DEI and Sense of belonging’ (DEIS).

Ally Cedeno, a graduate of USMMA, is the president and creator of Women Offshore, an organization devoted to creating a more welcoming atmosphere for women in an industry traditionally dominated by men.

The director of HHS’s Office on Violence Against Women is Lynn Rosenthal. She is passionate about racial equality and is an advocate for social justice.

Buttigieg noted that for the last couple years, they have been dedicated to providing the USMMA’s cadets with the assistance and assets they need, as well as solving concerns within the institution.

The Republican Anti-Woke Caucus criticized USMMA Director Anton Tripolskii for a comment he made. His argument was that racism and misogyny both had their origins in the mindsets of white men.

This current critique is part of a larger trend of backlash against the university’s woke culture under Buttigieg and Joanna Nunan, Superintendent Vice Admiral. The incident began when school officials hid an artwork showing Christ as he was walking on water, approaching sailors.

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