Biden Mockingly Responds to GOP Impeachment Inquiry

( – President Joe Biden dismissed a question by a reporter on Sunday about his reaction to the impeachment inquiry announced by House Republicans last week.

On Sunday, Biden responded to a reporter outside the White House who questioned the president after he stepped off of his helicopter. The reporter asked, “Mr. President, what is your response to Republicans opening an impeachment inquiry into you?” Biden replied with a smile and a wave, then said, “Lots of luck.” She and another reporter lobbed more questions at Biden as he waved and walked away.

A spokesman for the White House counsel’s office, Ian Sams, wrote in a memo to the press that impeaching a president is “grave, rare, and historic.” Titled “Memo to Editorial Leadership at U.S. News Media Organizations,” the formal call to arms by Sams urges allies of Biden and his administration to ramp up their criticism of Republicans for launching the inquiry. Sams said the impeachment inquiry launched by House Republicans is “based on lies” and that “it’s time for” a ramping up of “scrutiny” toward them by the media.

One of those House Republicans on the Judiciary Committee, Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin, appeared on Newsmax and called the White House “desperate.” He said instead of turning over the Biden family’s records “to prove his innocence,” they are attacking Republicans for “bringing facts to the table.”

Tiffany said he’s “really pleased” with how “methodical” and “factual” the House and committee chairmen have been “in regards to this investigation.” He said they have reviewed “20 phone calls” between the president and his son, Hunter Biden, as well as looked at “20 shell companies” created by the Biden family along with “$420 million… taken from” the family. Tiffany reiterated that these “are all facts.”

Tiffany then encouraged “the independent press,” whom Sams is calling on for help, to “have the integrity” to “say we want to find out what’s going on here” and to assist in digging up the information the American people need to have “full transparency.”

Biden commented on the impeachment inquiry last week and said he’s trying not to focus on it because he’s “got a job to do.” Many Americans wonder if he’s really doing that job while spending nearly half of his time in office on vacation as more problems continue to mount.

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