Biden Gets SNIPPY – He Knows They’re On To Him!

( – On June 15, President Joe Biden scolded a reporter for asking him about the House GOP’s investigation into his role in Joe’s son Hunter Biden’s company operations.

A document allegedly documenting a bribery plot between both the Bidens and a foreign individual, a senior official at the Ukrainian energy enterprise Burisma, was made available to members of the House Oversight Committee by Christopher Wray, FBI Director. This followed a subpoena for the file issued by Chairman Representative James Comer (R-KY).

The businessman allegedly informed an FBI informant that he had bribed the Bidens with $5 million each and that Joe Biden was the ‘big guy.’ Last week, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa disclosed that the paper said the CEO had recorded conversations with the father and son, which he intended to use to clear his name.

During a press conference, a reporter yelled at Biden to explain why the FBI informant file and Ukraine called him the ‘big guy.’

Biden, clearly annoyed, asked him why he’d asked such a “stupid” question.

The president has rejected the corruption claims against him as “malarkey,” and White House officials have underlined on many occasions that Republican legislators have not been able to authenticate the charges.

White House spokesperson Ian Sams said that the Republicans shift the goal posts every time one of their talking points about this ridiculous claim collapses.

Republicans in Congress said they’re looking into both the veracity of the allegations and the lengths to which authorities sought to corroborate them after they were first brought to the FBI’s attention.

Hunter Biden’s notorious laptop was seized by the FBI, and its contents were examined. Among them was an email in which the ‘big guy’ was alluded to by name.

In a news conference in November, Comer referred to President Joe Biden as the ‘big guy.’ This information raises questions about whether President Biden could be a threat to national security or has been corrupted by foreign countries.

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